My Up-Goer Five bio

I help people to think about how they do their job and how their jobs fit together with other people's jobs as a whole. I help them to figure out what they do now and how they could be doing this better or different way.  I also get people to focus on the order in which they do things and to work out if they could be doing things in a better order.

To understand this I ask them hard questions to get them to think about what it is they really need to do. I also get them to think about the questions they need to be asking themselves to make them better at their jobs. Once I have asked people questions by themselves, I often get a whole group of people together and ask them questions as well.

Once I have understood all of this I write down my thoughts on how they can make things better in a set way. This means that other people can understand and follow my thoughts and ideas. I then work with groups of people to help them put my ideas into place.

The people I work with focus on either making people better, asking other people to make people better, or learning how to make people better.

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Words I was unable to use: Health, education, consultant, company, organise (or organize), hiring, effective, commissioning, individual, common, provider, service, deliver, future, structured, action.

AFP gig at Heaven last night

Last night's Amanda Palmer gig was officially the Best. Gig. Ever. It included: Dresden Dolls songs, AFP songs, New-Band songs, an INXS song, Tim Minchin ON STAGE singing his songs, Tom Robinson ON STAGE singing Glad To Be Gay, Neil Gaiman ON STAGE, singing The Problem With Saints, Shakira'a violinist, Eric Clapton's brass section, and The Most Awesome Cover Ever of Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.

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Request to my flist and everyone else

Right.  I spent March through May completely enveloped in a project and have just gotten back from 10 days away with no cel phone or interweb. 

This means that I have missed out on most of the internets (and a fair bit of the real world) since about mid April.

So, people - what fic has been written that I must read? What movies have come out that I must see? What memes have come to life that I should find? What should I be doing with my life in July (other than the looking-for-work and finding-a-new-flat things)?

oh dear...

... realised I today when on phone to imyril that not only am I very tired and not quite recovered from last week's work-whilst-having-tonsillitis, I have only seen friends once since I started my new contract.  That was one evening in early March.  

Right now I'm tired, quite low, and generally a bit sad.  I'm trying not to beat myself up about lack of exercise - I know this will make me feel a bit better, but I have to accept that I'm getting over illness and starting back again next week will be ok.

I really do love my work and this contract is being awesome (unlike the madness of last year).  I'm learning a lot and the project itself is exactly what I would have wished for.  It's just taking a lot out of my mentally as I'm spending around 6 hours a day running intense needs-analysis interviews, and another 3 or 4 traveling or doing normal work.

This would be ok if I had gotten some balance by seeing my friends, but instead I've been focusing on getting early nights and resting.  This is good to a point, but I miss my friends and I'm going to make sure I see people regularly from now on.

Happy Pi Day!

I don't celebrate St. Georges day (I find patriotism scary), I don't celebrate any Jewish holidays (they're predominitely religous), I don't really celebrate Christmas (It's nice to the family and all, but I don't really care about December 25th per say).

I do celebrate Pi Day. A day to be amazed at the wonder and beauty of numbers, mathematics and the universe in general.

I'm not sure if this will post at the right time, but I've tried to schedule it for 1.59pm (LJ doesn't give the option of adding in the 27 seconds...).

So, to all my amazing friends who are geeks, to the interweb in general and to mathematicians everywhere:



* yes, yes - March 14th is Pi Day using the US date format. I shall also be celebrating Pi Approximation Day (22/7)

not a february fitness update...

... have all the stats but not the energy to do anything with them. 

This is ok though, as the reason I'm so knackered is a new client!  Been on site for a week and a half and it's brilliant - massively complex and very challenging - exactly the kind of thing I love!

Promise to look after myself (today not being a good example - ended up having lunch at 5.30pm) and keep up the exercise. 

Bed now though - forgot quite how knackering this whole getting-up-every-day-and-going-to-work-thing was.